What is your relationship with food?

Let us start with the basics. Everyone understands that the body needs energy to survive. It is completely logical and makes sense. The energy and nutrients absorbed from food are used by the body intelligence automatically to move muscles, maintain health, repair and replace old cells and organs etc.

In a way, logically speaking, taking food should be similar to breathing in air (oxygen). Both seem to be the required natural resources your body needs to survive and function. If air quality is not good, it will affect your health and so will low quality food.

But besides the similarities between food and air, have you heard about someone breathing in too much air? Eating too much on the other hand is a common habit across all human cultures. What is actually going on here?

We need to understand this basic truth - "Food is Emotional". We have all experienced overeating when we feel stressed or bored. Food habits have more to do with the mind and emotions you carry within you rather than a logical process. Let me give you an extreme example to illustrate - Suppose you are lost in a desert for 3 days without anything to drink. At that point do you think you need water or lemonade?

In the above example, water is a "Need" and lemonade is a "Want". Our minds have a way of taking every "Need" of life and converting it into a "Want". Same is with food. We have taken a basic need and added layers and layers of cultural and emotional wants to it.

I am going to make a bold statement here - The complex relationship we have with food can be changed no matter what our age, gender or stage of life. Everything starts with the right understanding which is the first step of Nirahara.

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