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My personal journey of Weight Loss and Health Gain through Nirahara.

Nirahara is an ancient Yogic Science perfected for modern civilization by an Enlightened Master. Most weight loss methods require will power. Nirahara works with Awareness.

  • Saurav Aneja

My Transformation 

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words. During the 3 month period from mid April 2019 to mid July 2019, I lost 46lbs(21kgs) doing Nirahara Samyama. Barring the grey hair, I look and weigh similar to how I did 12 years ago.

Before sharing the technique and results, I myself wanted to see how sustainable Nirahara is. After 3 months, I am fully convinced this is a sustainable modern day technique which quickly becomes a lifestyle and works at multiple levels of the body and the mind.



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