Nirahara (22 day yogic road-map to freedom from food addictions)

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Thank you for indulging me so far. It is now time we take action. So you have decided to break all patterns, cravings and disorders related to food. Let me get straight to the point on how to make it a reality for you. I am going to share exactly what worked for me and what challenges I faced and how I succeeded.

Nirahara Samyama is comprised of 22 days split over 3 staged levels

- Level 1 is 2 days

- Followed by 1 day break

- Level 2 is 7 days

- Followed by 1 day break

- Level 3 is 11 days

Q. What do I need before starting?

A. Please buy Haritaki powder (natural herb powder made from fruits of Harad, available in general stores in India and on Amazon in US). This will help cleanse your system of toxins during the program and restore general health. This is very important for your Nirahara success.

Q. What exactly to do during the program?

- Liquid Diet: During the days of the three levels (2+7+11=20 days), you will have only liquid diet. The rule is relaxed during the 2 break days. Apart from the duration, there is no difference in the three stages.

On all 22 days, you will be doing the following three steps:

- Meditation (At least 7 minutes, 21 minutes preferred): Breath in through both nostrils and mouth and hold the breath as long as you comfortably can. While holding the breath, visualize you are full of energy (use what ever visualization you have for energy here - white light, electricity etc.). Then exhale from nose and repeat.