Nirahara Samyama Day 365: Fearless living in the time of COVID19

Welcome dear reader,

I wish you and your family members good health and well being in these testing times. It has been a long time since I wrote a blog article on my website but given the health scare around COVID19, I decided it is too important to miss out on sharing the significant positive effects of this technique and miracle.

First of all, and most importantly, I start by acknowledging my Enlightened Guru, Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam with deep gratitude as without His blessings, none of this would have been possible for me. Foreseeing the future need of humanity, He brought this technique to life as the practical spiritual solution for the post-COVID19 world.

Let me now jump into my experience. It has been exactly 365 calendar days since I started my Nirahara journey in April 2019 by giving up solid food altogether and switching to a liquid only diet along side following the religious instructions. Thankfully for me, after the first couple of months, the journey was so smooth, that honestly there was not much conscious effort needed from my side. For my previous sharing at the 100 day mark, please see the older blog article below.

1 year is a long time in any context, but it is less significant as I am now committed to following this technique for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, it is important to share with you the most relevant changes and deep transformation that has happened in my life. Below, I have only covered only the important areas and organized the list of changes in the order relevant to the problems we are facing today.

1. Perfect Health and Well Being

Let me lay the facts bare and I will let the reader be the judge. During my 1 year long Nirahara, there has been only one instance of illness which occurred during month #6. Apart from that single instance, there hasn't even been an instance of headache or body ache or any kind of ailment. I haven't put any pill or drug in my body for the last 6 months.

I went for blood test recently and how I felt about my well being was validated beyond doubt by the medical reports. Before Nirahara, I used to be deficient in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. My bad cholesterol was high and what is should be obvious from the picture above, I was overweight by almost 50lbs (~23kgs). In the blood tests following a few months on Nirahara, everything came back normal, no more deficiencies and I had also lost 50lbs. 1 year into Nirahara, my weight is now stable at the same level with little variation while my blood tests continue to show excellent health.

2. Enhanced Immunity

I live in New Jersey, USA. Even before the Corona hit, local flu season in 2019-20 was severe. I saw majority of my office colleagues stumble one by one to the seasonal flu with symptoms of cough and fever. As you would have guessed, I was completely unaffected and enjoyed prime health throughout the season. I used to fall sick every year during the flu season at least once if not more. Not anymore.

Prevention of pandemics is important but strengthening the immune system is going to be critical going forward in the post-Corona world. Armed with Nirahara, we can manage any pandemic in the future. Carefully designed scientific studies should prove that Nirahara Samyama will not only solve the COVID19 problem but help us manage any future pandemics as well.

3. Fearlessness

If there is one transformation which is beyond the physical changes but more important than the visible changes, it has to be this. For the first time in my life, I am enjoying the state of fearlessness. It should be obvious that the reasons to be fearful have only multiplied recently. Fear and anxiety is now rampant across all spheres of life - fear of losing one's own life or the life of a loved one, fear of losing your job, economic instability, the list goes on and on.

My guru explains beautifully how every day we go through so many fear and anxiety attacks and how they have a tangible negative impact on our health, well being and relationships. By following Nirahara and staying connecting with my guru, for the first time in my life, I have overcome the tendency of the mind to dwell on fears. This liberation from fear in practice means - any thought of losing something, or someone or life itself doesn't create any panic inside. This kind of inner freedom and peace was unimaginable to me one year ago and is the most important and most valuable transformation I could have ever hoped for.

You might be thinking how can liquid diet melt your fears. With Nirahara, your awareness grows and becomes so intense that you start to achieve completion (Poornatva) with all your fears, your possessions and your body itself. This journey continues for me and I will share more on this topic.

4. Bliss

In the absence of smoke, the brilliance of the fire starts to shine through. In the absence of fear and worries which cloud our being, bliss and restful awareness radiate though. According to all spiritual paths, these qualities are ever present but remained unseen and not directly experienced by me until now. Don't take my word for it. Give it a try by following Nirahara Samyama for at least one cycle (21 days) and you will get a taste.

5. Intense Energy and Intelligence

On Nirahara, your body completely optimizes your energy levels making more energy and intelligence available for your life to expand. The most fulfilling project I started 4 months ago utilizing all the extra energy was to re-learn Sanskrit to be able to chant the original verses of the Bhagavad Gita. I also started conducting a weekly Bhagavad Gita discussion meeting on Zoom where I chant every verse in original Sanskrit followed by discussions on practical application of spiritual knowledge from Sri Krishna (please ping me personally if you would like to join the group).


The list of positive changes goes on and on with most of them defying normal logic. I am sure there is much more to come in the months and years ahead. I promise to continue to share my observations along the way. If you are interested in Nirahara, please visit the official website using the link below and join thousands of people across the globe on the journey to personal transformation.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read. This article is dedicated to all future Niraharis, to you. I look forward to hearing your Nirahara transformation story.



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